J. Crew Petite Blue Sweater | Gold Monogramed Necklace | J. Crew Petite Jeans | Tori Burch Brown Flats | Rose Gold Fossil Watch | Photos by Emily Yao


Hello friends, I have been contemplating for months if I should start my own blog. Finally, here I am committing to start this new adventure!

I have always considered myself the most productive when I am the busiest. Being busy helps me stay proactive and keep on track. As a college student, my schedule is filled with classes, studying, & work. However in these past two years, most of my time has gone to serving my sorority as a Float Chairman then later as a Sing Chair. With devoting 20+ hours a week, I was practically majoring in Tri Delta.

This past February my leadership roles came to an end and I have had nothing but time. One would think all this free time, would help me stay organized. Well that didn’t happen. All I’ve done is watch the entire session of “Fuller House” and gone to bed at 9:30 every night.

Life is full of challenges and this blog is my new one. I hope blogging will help prepare me for what is waiting in the future. Whether that’s getting me out of those oversized t-shirts and leggings or writing things in my planner again, my purpose for this lifestyle blog is to help me grow. If I can inspire someone along the way, that’s just an added bonus!

Brooke Suzanne


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