Enjoying Mornings


I Need Coffee Nightgown (not the same) | Lilly Pulitzer Glasses (similar adult glasses – mine our children’s glasses) | Photos by Emily Yao

As long as I can remember, I have been a night owl! My mind was always the most productive at night – 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. were my prime study hours. If I had nothing to get done at night, I’d lay in bed for hours before I could fall asleep. I would lay there staring at the ceiling while hundreds of thoughts raced in my mind. Once I fell asleep, I’d sleep like a rock until my final alarm went off 15 minutes before class started. I’d throw on clothes and somehow I always made it on time. Essentially, my mornings were non-existent.

These past three months were the busiest I have ever been. When I was not in class or working, I was teaching and creating a Sing Act (for those who are like “what in the world is Sing?” – well it is a huge production put on by sororities and fraternities at Baylor University – I like to describe it as a Broadway show mushed into 7 minutes). Everyday, I’d leave my apartment around 8 or 9 a.m. and didn’t come home until after Sing practice which was usually around 11 p.m. After each long day, I was pooped. I’d crawl into bed immediately when I got home.

You might be wondering – when did you study and do homework?

That was my dilemma. There was no time in my normal schedule to study. So, I had to fight every “night owl” urge in my body and wake-up early in the morning to study. Some might say oh that’s nothing, but if you are like me this was a HUGE challenge! I had never studied in the morning. I had always been a study freak who could not fall asleep unless I was confident that I knew the material. But sacrifices had to be made.

After I’d drag my body out of bed, to my surprise, I liked the morning! I enjoyed hopping in the shower to wake me up. I loved brewing a cup of coffee to drink while I sat on the coach wrapped in a blanket to read over my notes!

So currently, here is my situation: I am a night owl who loves the morning.

I love the silence. I love being alone with my thoughts. I love the way my day goes when I start it in peace.

These upcoming weeks I am going out on a limb to challenge myself to wake up early. I want to take time to enjoy the mornings even when I do not have something to study or complete.

Wish me luck!

Brooke Suzanne


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