Baseball Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend


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One thing I love about attending Baylor is that it’s located in the Heart of Texas! You are close to all the big cities: Austin, Houston, Fort Worth & Dallas. With our last week of classes coming to an end and finals almost upon us, some friends and I decided to take a day trip to Dallas to watch some baseball – Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees!

You might be thinking, “Yankees?”  Why is this Texas girl wearing a Yankees shirt? Well, that would be my boyfriend Garrett’s doing. Back in the day, he loved watching Bernie Williams play for the Yankees and ever since has been rooting them on. But when you’re a die-hard baseball fan, like Garrett, no matter who’s playing you’re just there for a good game.

We left after our classes around 1 & made to Dallas in time for a late lunch! For a 7 o’clock game you’d thing we’d have plenty of time to explore Dallas…but for some people the game starts two hours before the first pitch when the gates open to watch batting practice. I dropped off Garrett and another friend at five while his roomate and I went on our own adventure until the game truly started.

It was a perfect night to sit in the stands. Nice breeze. Good convos. One dollar hot dogs. Oh and a good game of course.

Have you taken any fun day trips recently?

Brooke Suzanne

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