Waco – Restaurant Round-Up

This week we have been packing up our Waco apartment!

Leaving Waco will be tough, I’ve spent four wonderful years here. I moved to Waco as a naive eighteen-year-old and will be leaving as a wife. It’s astounding how quickly life changes. I never in a million years would have thought I’d be moving to Boston!  I’m a southern girl at heart.  When I was looking at schools for undergrad, I told my dad I wasn’t going anywhere above Oklahoma. And now look where I’m at!

Goodbyes will be even harder than leaving Waco.  The thought that I might never see someone again is always on my mind. Yesterday, a man at my gym wished me luck and said, “See you in Heavan.” It made my day. How sweet is that?! It’s not a goodbye it’s a see you later if we both have faith.

Before we leave, Garrett and I have made it a point to eat at all our favorite restaurants. If you ever find yourself Waco, here are some places to go for a delicious meal.

Try not to get to hungry!

Breakfast | Cafe Cappuccino, World Cup Cafe

When I’m craving something salty for breakfast, I opt for World Cup Cafe. I absolutely love their breakfast burritos. World Cup Cafe has such a welcoming environment! For awhile, Garrett and I were regulars here going every Tuesday. We loved walking in and having the waiter greet you by name.

Whenever I want something sweet, I head to Cafe Capp! Their pancakes are so fluffy and delicious. Plus, they have quite the cappuccino & latte selection – its always fun to try a new one! My order: Banana Nut French Toast – it’s so unique. I had to make just one more stop –  my lifelong friend, Kristen, and I are going this week before I leave Waco.


Brunch | Lula Jane’s 

Lula Jane’s is a simple restaurant – they only serve one meal for lunch each day. Lula Jane’s cooks fresh from the garden and everything is made from scratch. Personally, I like to go to Lula Jane’s on FRIYAY! They always serve quiche and a spinach salad on Friday. However, the best part of the meal is dessert. Their French Silk Pie is to die for!


Coffee: Common Grounds

You can’t take a trip to Waco without stopping for a cup of coffee at Common Grounds! The welcoming environment makes it incomparable to other coffee shops. It’s the perfect place to study or catch up with friends. I’m not sure what is in it but their Secret Sauce makes their coffee so wonderful! They even have a Sleep is Overrated Menu with 4 shots of espresso. Freshman year, I got the Nervous Breakdown – I finished my studying a couple hours earlier than expected and had so much energy I ran the stairs of my dorm at two in the morning [and I HATE running].


Sandwiches | Schmaltz

Schmaltz is a tiny sandwich shop off of 5th Street in downtown Waco. In all honestly I probably eat here every week. It’s right next to the preschool I work at and is perfect for a light lunch. I always opt for the small Schmaltz’s sandwich. What makes Schmaltz so special is their homemade bread and garlic butter they smear on!


BBQ | Viteks 

Vitek’s is a Waco classic that’s been around since 1915. Everyone loves to come here for their famous Gut Pack. Fritos Corn Chips, shredded cheddar cheese, choice of sausage, hand-chopped brisket, beans, pickles, onions, jalapeno peppers, BBQ sauce with sliced bread…WOW – what a meal! However, I love getting their plan and simple sausage sandwich with a half pint of mac & cheese. The only bummer about Viteks is their hours. They close at 3:00pm during the week and aren’t open on Monday – oh and closed Sunday of course.

Pizza | Shorty’s

Shorty’s is a college student’s dream! It is in the heart of student living and has quite the deals. You can get a large cheese or pepperoni pizza for only $10! OR you can get pizza pillows, which are their version of calzones, for only $4. My order at Shorty’s is either the Buffalo Chicken or the Hawaiian Pizza Pillow. Garrett loves the Boneseroni; it’s a pepperoni pizza with hot wing sauce added to the marinara. Shorty’s is the perfect place to go with friends to watch the game!

Burgers | Cupp’s

Cupp’s is a cute little burger joint off of Speight and 15th. One summer, I lived right behind Cupp’s – I’d get a good whiff of burgers every morning when I left for class. I have a feeling you know where I ended up for lunch everyday! This family owned burger joint is a must in Waco!

Italian | Portifinos, Baris

Portifinos and Baris are the places to go for Italian in Waco. They are both small family owned restaurants. My dad always calls Baris, the Italian restaurant with 70s prices. It’s a great deal, especially when you’re broke in college. I love getting their tortellini pink.

Portifinos is in the heart of downtown. Garrett and I love going here for date night. We split the lobster ravioli and baked ziti. Portifinos is right across the street from the Hippodrome theatre – its perfect for a dinner then movie.

Homestyle | George’s

If someone asked me what I’m going to miss most about Waco, it’s George’s – it’s my absolute favorite! It’s a weekly spot for us – we always try to get a group of friends to go. Although they don’t take reservations, the open seating in the bar makes it easy for friends to eat, drink and stay a while! I have so many recommendations – where to begin?! My go to is the Crispy Chicken Salad with blackened chicken and their House dressing – it’s a combination of thousand island and french dressing. However you can’t go wrong with the tossed chicken tenders basket, blackened salmon, OR chicken fried steak! If I come hungry, I love getting the Bear Bites to start – its their crazy wings stuffed in a biscuit with ranch. I don’t know how you’d read this without your month watering!



“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

Deuteronomy 31:8


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