Our Favorite Diffuser Blends

Just wanted to share a few of our favorite diffuser blends today!


Brooke’s Favorite 

2 drops of Stress Away

2 drops of Lavender

2 drops of Orange

I love to diffuse these in the evening! It’s a combination of three of my favorite oils that wind me down and get me ready for bed. Stress Away is calming scent, lavender is both soothing and refreshing, while orange adds a touch of warmth. If you are looking to begin your wellness journey, all three of these oils come in the starter kit!


Garrett’s Favorite

2 drops of Envison 

2 drops of En-R-Gee

My husband, Garrett, has recently been diffusing this combo daily and has declared it his new favorite. He diffuses it at his desk while he’s doing his class reading. Envision is diffused to stimulate creativity, renew focus, and achieve goals. While En-R-Gee is diffused to naturally boost energy and help restore mental alertness.  It’s a fantastic diffusing blend to get things done and check them off your list!


Most Diffused Recently

3 drops of Purification

3 drops of Lemon

We recently moved into a new apartment and have been diffusing this bad boy to elimate odors. All sorts of strange smells drift into your home when you live in an apartment. Purifcation and lemon are great oils to keep your home smelling clean and fresh.

FullSizeRender 3

Tomorrow, I’m going to diffuse En-R-Gee and Citrus Fresh! Can’t wait to see the results!

What is your favorite diffusor blend?



“Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness”

Mattew 6:33

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