Today is Garrett’s birthday! He is 23!

In honor of his birthday, I thought I would share the sweet evening he planned when he proposed!

At the beginning of summer in 2016, Garrett and I planned to take a fun trip with friends right before our senior year started. We bought plane tickets to the cheapest destination and found ourselves headed to Chicago in August!

For months, I was agonizing over the decision to go to grad school for Speech Pathology at Baylor or head somewhere new with Garrett.  This decision was HUGE! It not only affected where I would study, it also affected when we’d get married. I finally told Garrett “I don’t think I want to go to Baylor, I want go somewhere else with you,” and within two weeks, he proposed. {I had no idea but he already bought the ring way back in June!}

We flew into Chicago on different planes because Garrett was flying in from a conference in Boston {who’d have thought we’d be living here now!} We met up at lunch after not seeing each other for two weeks. When he walked in he didn’t seem very excited to see me, which made me pretty upset but I just ignored it {little did I know he was a nervous wreck}.

That evening, Garrett had planned to take me on a nice date. He had been talking about this date night sense we booked the flight so I didn’t think anything of it.

 I’m typically a minimalist when it comes getting ready. As I was getting ready, my friends were all giddy sitting on the bed making sure I put on eyeliner, did my hair and wore earrings.

Garrett came and knocked on our hotel door and we were off! When we were waiting for the elevator, I kept trying to hug Garrett but he kept blowing me off. I was now starting to get concerned. We had not seen each other for weeks and he was just pushing me away! I had no idea he was just making sure I didn’t feel the ring box in his pocket.

On our way to dinner, Garrett was focused on his phone (texting the photographer) and navigating the subway system. Luckily for him, I was too distracted trying to find the thread or hair that was tickling my leg that I didn’t look over his shoulder or bug him!

We got off the subway and were headed to the river walk. Garrett saw the Trump Tower and said, “Let’s take a selfie.” I was super confused, “Garrett wants to take a selfie?” (It was the signal to the photographer). After the picture when I turned around, Garrett was down on one knee!

I don’t remember anything he said but all I know is I said “Yes” and kept trying to confirm when and how he asked my dad!

After, Garrett planned for us to take pictures with the photographer around the city before dinner! They were absolutely stunning. Then, we headed to Bavette’s for dinner. It was the perfect ending to the evening!

I don’t know how he did it but he picked out my dream ring and proposal without any help! I’m one lucky girl!




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